Tonometer für die Messung des Augeninnendrucks


EASYTON Tonometer

EASYTON Tonometer

Das EASYTON Tonometer ermöglicht die schnelle und hygienische Messung des Augeninnendrucks ohne zusätzliches Verbrauchsmaterial. Da die Messung am Augenlid erfolgt und kein Kontakt mit dem Auge selbst besteht, ist die Messung für den Patienten angenehmer und kann auch ohne die Verwendung eines Anästhetikums erfolgen.

Das EASYTON Tonometer kann zwischen zwei Messbetrieben umgeschaltet werden:

-der AID-Messung nach Goldmann und

-der AID-Messung nach Maklakow.

Sowohl der Vibrostock als auch der Schutzring können mit einem Ethanol-basierten Desinfektionsmittel mittels Wischdesinfektion zwischen den Messungen aufbereitet werden.

Produktdetails Bedienungsanleitung EASYTON (Video)

EASYTON Tonometer Ermöglicht eine sichere und schmerzlose Messung des Augeninnendrucks. Verwendbar bei Erwachsenen und Kindern. Messung erfolgt auf dem Augenlid. Messergebnisse liegen nach wenigen Sekunden vor.

2 Messbetriebe:

AID nach Goldmann,

AID nach Maklakow

Es werden keine Verbrauchsmaterialien zur Messung benötigt. Zur Messung ist keine Anästhsie notwendig. Kontaktlinsen müssen vor der Messung nicht entfernt werden. Tonometrie kann in Sitz- oder Liegeposition erfolgen. Digitales Display Batteriebetrieb (2 x Typ AAA) Auch mobil einsetzbar.

2 Jahre Garantie

Technische Daten zum EASYTON Tonometer:

Messbereich AID nach Goldmann: 7 - 50mmHg

Messbereich AID nach Maklakow: 15 - 53mmHg

Messdauer: ca. 2 Sekunden

LCD-Display Abmessungen: 173 x 27 x 21mm

Gewicht inkl. Batterien: 88g

Entspricht folgenden Normen: EN ISO 10993-1, EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, DIN EN ISO 15223-1, ISO 8612


Tonometer EASYTON Futteral mit integriertem Kontrollgerät

2 Batterien Typ AAA


Informationsvideo zum EASYTON

Tonometer Bedienungsanleitung EASYTON TVGD-02(EASYTON) Innovation non-contact measurement of intraocular pressure. IOP EASYTON Designed for measuring tonometric true intraocular pressure through the eyelid in adults and children Has two modes of measuring intraocular pressure (IOP): measurement mode tonometric IOP (tonometer Maklakova scale) the main scale of evaluation of IOP Russian ophthalmology mode measurement of true IOP (scale of Goldmann tonometer) – the global rating scale IOP This feature TVGD-02 makes it interesting and understandable to both domestic and foreign ophthalmologists Is a means of measurement, medical devices, approved for use in the home Without testing Advantages TVGD-02: The speed and accuracy of the measurement (especially in mass examinations: clinical examination, examination etc.) No need for extra consumables. The presence of two scales measuring the true IOP and tonometric The ability of self-control, which have no analogues The ability to measure as the sclera and the cornea (through the eyelid), whereas in other devices the measurement is only valid at certain points Less risk of infection when measuring IOP through the eyelid Applications: Doctors glaucomous specialists (ophthalmologists) General practitioners (family doctors) Ambulances and emergency The offices of pre-medical examination (screening) Parameters: The range of indications of intraocular pressure (IOP) (Goldmann), mm.RT.St. from 5 to 60 The measurement range of the intraocular pressure (IOP) (Goldmann), mm.RT.St. from 7 to 50 Limits of permissible absolute error of measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) (Goldmann), mm.RT.St., in the range from 7 to 23 mm RT.St. ±2 Limits of permissible absolute error of measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) (Goldmann), mm.RT.St., in the range above 23 mm Hg.St. ±5 The modes of measurement of IOP by Goldmann - "И" The modes of measurement of IOP by Maklakov - "T" Time of IOP measurement, s 2 Display type LCD The power supply voltage, 2-3,3 The current consumption in the measurement mode, not more, mA 100 Digital display - Yes Character display modes - Yes A symbolic indication of the battery - Yes A symbolic indication of readiness for measurement - Yes Character error indication - Yes Sound indicator - Yes Equipment: Tonometer with cap – 1 PC. Control device – 1 PC. Case – 1 PC. The battery AAAA 1.5 V – 2 PCs. Laser (CD) disk with educational film – 1 PCs. Verification procedure MP 98.D4-13 – 1 PC. https://youtu.be/LEP5ZDLDLbU This device can be used not just in hospital but also at home. The device is easy to operate and you don’t need any special education to use it. Easyton has two IOP measuring modes: tonometric IOP measurement mode (Maklakov tonometer scale); true IOP measurement mode (Goldmann tonometer scale). The device has the following advantages: Measurement taking time is only 1-2 seconds. High measurement accuracy. Makes it possible to measure IOP through the eyelid both in the sclera and in the cornea. The device has a self-test feature. During the measurement taking procedure the cornea of the eye isn't touched by the device which eliminates the possibility of infection. Measurements can be taken both in sitting or prone position. Soft measurement rod ensures the patient's comfort. Easyton ensures quick, accurate and painless measurements even with hypersensitive patients or children. With Easyton you get easy, safe and accurate IOP pressure measurements at any time in any place. Indications Screening tool which makes it possible to identify patients at risk of glaucoma. IOP tonometer Easyton is effective and irreplaceable in complicated medical cases; the eye pressure can be measured: right in the process of medical treatment; even in the presence of viral infections; with allergy to anesthetics; with dry eye syndrome; with contraindications for corneal tonometry; in patients after corneal surgeries; with contact lenses on. Specifications Time of one measurement, max.: 2 sec. Overall dimensions, max. - 176х26х20 mm. Weight of the device without power supply elements - 88g. Tonometer operation climatic conditions: air temperature: from +10 °С to +35 °С; air relative humidity: up to 80% at temperature +25 °С. Tonometer is powered by two power supply elements of ААА 1,5 V type. Tonometer operating condition is provided by power supply voltage: from 3,3 V to 2,0 V. Pressure measurement from 5 up to 60 mm Hg. Tonometer max. current consumption: switched-off position - 30 mkА; switched on position in the measurement “Waiting” mode - 4 mA; in measurement mode - 100 mА. Outer surfaces of Easyton are resistant to chemical disinfection by any disinfectant approved for plastic and metal parts in medical practice against tine an infection. Minimum average service life: 5 years.

EASYTON. Tonometer für die Messung des Augeninnendrucks. Detailierte Beschreibung.

Augeninnendruck Messung innerhalb 3 Cek. Opthalmologie, Optometrie, allgemeine Medizin, Neurologie, Notfallmedizin.